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Even tho the NJ Nets got pummeled last night by a far superior Laker squad it was interesting to see rising star Devin Harris return to the lineup.  One of the front runners for most improved player Harris grabbed 13 pts. on 14 assts., 6 boards and a stl. to once again retain his post.  To me it didn’t appear that he looked too winded or was wincing of pain as he played a strong 37 mins. so it might be safe to say he’s back to stay for the rest of the regular season.

Over to the Washington front now and All-star guard Gilbert Arenas is set to make his first appearance of the regular season today, Saturday against the Detroit Pistons.  There has been a lot of speculation about if he’ll be ready to go because in one of the more recent practice sessions he was no where to be found but interim coach Tapscott and fellow players Jamison and Butler seem to think he’ll be ready… and might even start.  I believe he’ll probably dress for the game but we’ll have to see about his minutes as well as if he’ll make the start, of that I’m more doubtful.  Arenas has been struggling with his 3rd knee operation in the last 1 and 1/2 yrs. and has ventured on the side of caution with this return stating that he rushed himself in years past.

With all this being said I don’t agree with any of these players’ returns.  Most of the teams have around 10 games left in the regular season to go which I think amounts to around a 3 week span give or take.  Not to mention both of these teams are now out of the playoff hunt.  The Wizards have been long gone for a while now and the Nets are 4th to last in the conference so they’d have to go on one hell of a run, meaning win just about all of their final games, to even have a shot at one of the last seeds in the East.  Here are the next 10 games for the Nets and my predictions on each one of them:

@T’Wolves (Win, but not by much)
vs Bucks (Probably lose but they do have homecourt)
vs Pistons (Have a better shot at home but Detroit is in the last spot)
@Bulls (No chance)
vs 76ers (Have a chance but Philly’s @ #6 right now so they’ll be playin tuff)
@Boston (No chance)
@Pistons (A lot harder to beat this team @ home)
vs Magic (No chance)
vs Bobcats (Probably a win)
@ Knicks (Knicks have beaten some of the best teams in the league at home)

Out of those 10 I see maybe 2 that they could definitely win, even with Harris in the lineup.  All the others will be a tough fought battle or just a blowout.  Point is- Don’t have your stars come back when there’s no chance of making a playoff run!  Especially this late in the season where they could risk even further injury!!!  I know there are rebuttles out there and I  more than welcome your feedback.


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Devin Harris - New Jersey NetsFrom NJ break out star Devin Harris will sit out the rest of the season with a sprained shoulder suffered from a game with the Clippers after bumping into center Marcus Camby.  The Nets are out of the playoff race and don’t count on them to have any sort of post season, I feel bad for those who may have put any sort of money on them.


Josh Howard - Dallas MavericksThe ailing Josh Howard who’s already missed a bunch of time this season (he’s only played 45 games) is expected to miss another week with an injured left ankle that might need surgery.  The Mavs are currently on the lower end of the totem pole when it comes to the playoffs so they need all the help they can get and if this guy leaves for surgery forget about it.  Even if they stumble into the playoffs a higher seed will most definitely knock them out in the first round.


Leon Powe - Boston CelticsBoston’s front line took another hit Tuesday night against the Bulls as Leon Powe left with a bruised right knee.  No timetable as of yet to exactly how much time he’ll miss but with KG still out this club is hurting, perfect example was when they lost last night.  But it’s not to say the Bulls aren’t an improved team and are now a huge dark horse picking up John Salmons in that trade with Sacramento as well as Brad Miller so watch out for them.


Danilo Gallinari - New York KnicksAnd rising fan favorite Danilo Gallinari from NY returned to his native Italy recently to consider back surgery.  The guard/small forward missed the 1st two and half months of the season with the injury and is expected to be back Monday after getting opinions over in Italia.  This is a bit of a rough one as well, I’ve really become a fan of D’Antoni and his coach style as of late and this was a key player coming off the bench.  And with the Knicks vying for one of those last coveted spots in the playoff hunt this may prove detrimental to their drive.


Forward Mike Dunleavy of the Indiana Pacers is out indefinitely after having surgery on his right knee to remove a bone spur and repair a torn tendon.  No timetable for his return and the only statement released by the team said his recovery should be ‘lengthy’.  That doesn’t sound good.  Dunleavs has already missed the first 34 games of the season, came back for a lil while and did alrite but this is just another headache for this squad.  Guard Danny Granger was out with his foot problem after the all-star break as well so it looks as tho their season is over.  They’re currently last in their division.


One of the worst teams in the league, the Sacramento Kings just waived forward Drew Gooden to free up even more salary cap space.  Another dismal move, the Kings have no shot at anything in the near future especially with just giving up center Brad Miller and one of the most improved players in shooting guard John Salmons to the Bulls.  The only decent player they got from that trade was Gooden and he’s only played in one game from which he left with a bothersome groin injury that’s been plaguing him for the last 6+ weeks.  So congrats Sacramento for buying out his 7.1 million dollar contract, now you have nobody and nowhere to go in the future even if you get ‘King’ James (never gonna happen).


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Forward Greg Oden of the Portland Trailblazers has missed their last four games with a bone chip in his knee.  He thought it was less serious and that he could put some ice on it but this is just another headache in the very short career of the former Buckeye.  Rite now there isn’t that much credibility as to when he’ll return, keep your eyes glued to see what happens next in this on-going saga.

Washington Wizard shooting ace Gilbert Arenas has supposedly been practicing at full speed, dunking, shooting and all that gud stuff.  He says his balance, stamina and coordination are back on track and that all he needs to do now is get used to playing with other bodies on the floor.  Seeing as how bad the Wizards are doing this season (dead last in the Eastern Conference) and that they have no chance at the playoffs I would recommend holding his return off until next season, altho Washington natives might disagree with me.

And it looks at though the Boston Celtics have done it again.  Along with most likely signing Stephon Marbury (formerly of the Knicks) the Celts have picked up free agent Mikki Moore.  Formerly of the Sacramento Kings Moore provides energy (altho nothing really statwise) off the bench.  The Kings got rid of him to clear up even more salary space (altho I don’t know what for) and I think Boston made another good move here.  This Celtic squad prides themselves on energry and tempo and that’s exactly what they’ll get with Moore.  And now that Garnett is going to miss around three weeks with a knee injury this could be a very wise decision even though they’re still winning without the Big Ticket on hand. 

What are your reactions?


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Steve Nash injured his ankle last night in the Suns’ win over the Bobcats.  He had 19 points before hitting a 3 pointer in the final minutes of the 3rd quarter.  He came back in the fourth, hit another 3 and then left 2 minutes later.  The woes continue for Nash as he’s seen his numbers drop this year as well as his time on the court with a nagging back that’s haunted him for years.  Hopefully he won’t miss any sort of significant time but I suppose it all depends on whether the ankle swelled up this morning.  Thoughts?


Marbury.jpgStarbury has finally parted ways with his former New York squad and is expected to sign a contract with the Boston Celtics later on in the week to be a backup point guard, thoughts?  Reactions?